What is Maven Brook?

Tax season shouldn’t cause you to break out in a cold sweat. It should not make you nervous or cause any sleepless nights.  But for many people, just thinking about getting ready to prepare their taxes is the worst feeling they will feel all year.

Maven Brook wants to make tax season a simpler, less stressful time for you.

How do we do that?

  • Upload your documents electronically. If you lose your tax documents year after year and can never find all your documents when it comes time to leave for your tax preparation appointment, you are not alone. But we want to help you have peace of mind during tax season. Maven Brook tax clients upload their tax documents to their tax preparer using a secure online document storage site.  You will have access to this storage site year-round so that you are able to save your documents as they are provided to you. When your return is complete your tax preparer will send them to you securely  so that you always have access to your tax returns.
  • Stay home. No need to get dressed, drive through traffic and search for a parking spot. Stay home. With Maven Brook you will securely upload your documents to our online document storage site, and have your finished return delivered securely to you, from the comfort of your own living room, dining room, etc. If necessary, Maven Brook can come to your home for document retrieval and/or to discuss your finalized return.
  • Save you money. Maven Brook does not charge per tax form prepared. We pride ourselves on clear and honest pricing.  Additionally, the price for your preparation is agreed upon prior to tax preparation.  Your return is paid for prior to final delivery so that you never receive a bill in mid-July for services performed in January.

We know that you will enjoy your Maven Brook experience. However, if you should ever be dissatisfied with our services, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will work hard to rectify any problem.

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