About Our Owner

My name is Erica Mitchell-Ezondu and I am the proud owner of Maven Brook Tax Preparation.

I started Maven Brook after more than 10 years working for a major tax retailer. In my ten years I learned about what makes a great tax experience but I also got insight into the tax season dread that many customers face. I became convinced that tax preparation could be just as enjoyable for my clients as it is for me.

Our mission at Maven Brook Tax Preparation is to educate while providing superior tax preparation.

Your tax preparer should be your tax partner. We want you to feel comfortable with your filing, to know what information has been reported on your behalf and to be confident in the accuracy of your return.

I stand behind every return prepared at Maven Brook Tax Preparation and I am glad to be your tax partner.

Have a great tax season!

Erica Mitchell-Ezondu

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