Tax season should not be hard. Our goal is to make each tax season a simple and enjoyable experience for every client. When you work with Maven Brook Tax Preparation, we promise that you will understand your individual tax situation and how to best plan for the next year.

Maven Brook makes tax preparation easy and affordable.

How do we do that?

  • Electronic Document Upload. Maven Brook Tax Preparation only uses electronic document retrieval methods that agree with IRS regulations. Only you and you tax preparer ever see your personal information. And we NEVER sell your information. EVER.
  • Remote and In-Home Tax Preparation. Maven Brook Tax Preparation has offered remote tax preparation services from our first day. There is no need to leave the comfort of your home to file your yearly tax obligation. We will meet you when it is convenient for your life.
  • Document Retrieval. Maven Brook Tax Preparation is proud to offer document retrieval services for clients in select locations. *
  • Clear and Affordable Pricing. Maven Brook does not charge for each form prepared nor for the time spent preparing your return. We charge a flat fee for the return which is decided upon before tax preparation begins. Maven Brook Tax Preparation accepts a variety of payment methods, included fee from refund products and Afterpay.

*Additional fee applies

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